Seed Faith Principle Seen at Work by James Eugene Ewing

James Eugene Ewing has seen the seed faith principle work in the ministry of St Matthew Church and in the lives of its ministers, including Bishop M.R. McElrath, Bishop Donald R. Luce and himself, for many years.  As a result of planting seed faith and the ensuing gracious harvest of seed faith from God, Bishop James Eugene Ewing and St Matthew Church have seen many miracles from the thousands of biblically based sermons which have been preached and the multitudes who have been baptized all over the world.

James Eugene Ewing and other St Matthew Church ministers, including Bishop M.R. McElrath, and Bishop Donald R. Luce, have traveled millions of miles to share the Gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ with many thousands of people, resulting in an incredible seed faith harvest for God's glory. 

Those who have been unable to leave their homes have also been blessed by the seed faith sown by St Matthew Church through mail sermons sent directly to homes across the United States.  These small tokens of seed faith are sent to thousands of people through the desire of St Matthew Church and its ministers, M.R. McElrath, Donald R. Luce and James Eugene Ewing, to plant and nurture seeds in the hearts of God's children.

Along with St Matthew Church and Bishop James Eugene Ewing, you too can demonstrate the power of seed faith in your life.  Start today and give God a seed of faith, even as small as a mustard seed, and do so, expecting a miracle in return.
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