Prayer Rugs Help Inspire Strong Faith in Jesus

A Jesus prayer rug can help enrich prayer time by assisting in creating a space to concentrate in prayer. All of Saint Matthew's Churches' ministers, including Bishop M.R. McElrath, Bishop Donald R. Luce and Bishop James Eugene Ewing, encourage everyone to spend daily time conversing with Jesus. Inspirational tools which have always been used by Bishop James Eugene Ewing, Bishop M.R. McElrath and Bishop Donald R. Luce during their prayer time with Jesus, in addition to God's Word, are Biblical devotions and worship music.

In order to develop a strong faith in Jesus, each of us must determine to put Him first. One way that we accomplish this is by constantly turning our focus to Jesus in prayer. Bishop Donald R. Luce, Bishop James Eugene Ewing and Bishop M.R. McElrath have found that memorizing Scripture enhances prayer time by incorporating Scripture in prayer. In so doing, we are praying God's Word and God has promised that His Word will not return void.

The inspiration given through faith contact items such as prayer rugs also helps to enrich prayer time with Jesus. Find a quiet place and let your prayer rug remind you to spend quality time talking to Jesus. Remember that prayer is not all about asking but also involves listening to Jesus and giving Him praise and glory for your life.

Begin today - set aside some time to spend with Jesus, your friend, in prayer.

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