As we read in the Bible, we are often astounded by the number of miracles which took place. Many of these miracles involved faith and a point of contact. For instance, the woman who was told "Your faith has healed you" after she touched the hem of his garment (Matthew 9:20-22). After Jesus used mud as a point of contact, a man blind from birth could see. (John 9:1-11)

Another example is Jairus, the synagogue ruler, whose only daughter had died. Jesus told him, "just believe and she will be healed." After arriving at the house, Jesus took her by the hand and said "My child, get up" and "at once she stood up." – Luke 8:40-55.

The Cathedral of Saint Matthew believes that miracles can and still do happen today across the world. Begin today to believe for your miracle!

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Our Patient Merciful God
The Bible and the Gospel speak of God's great mercy for us ...

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