What is Our Worship About?

Understanding the different moments and acts of worship enriches our spiritual experience and deepens our ability to listen to God. Once we truly engage in it, this pattern we use each week has the power to bring us to a place where we can hear God in the depths of our being. We can rest in the liturgy, so to speak, not worrying about someone's performance, but concerned only about our own thoughts and intentions to God. We may think of it as a framework, a container, or a safety net. It sets us free to rely on the Holy Spirit who moves freely within the ritual, guiding worshipers to new spiritual insights. Over a lifetime, we enact again and again the remembrance of that event which called the community into being, and the event is present now with power. With each service we hear the scripture and drink the cup, and "think on these things." The liturgy shapes our lives in a profound and permanent way. We do more than just learn about God's gifts. We have the immediate experience of receiving God's gifts.

There are as many ways to worship as are congregations of worshipers. An Episcopal service is one of the ways. So long as people gather to worship in this particular way, the gospel message will never go untold, and repentance, celebration and gratitude will always be a part of the lives of its members. 

Our Patient Merciful God
The Bible and the Gospel speak of God's great mercy for us ...

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