St Matthew Churches Prayer Letter Teaches God Answers Prayer

Saint Matthew Churches sends prayer letters to its members, which are encouraging Biblical points of contact. In response, Saint Matthew Churches receives prayer letters containing prayer requests from individuals who are interested in having St Matthew Churches join them in prayer.

Upon receipt, each and every prayer letter is opened, read and prayed over by St Matthew Churches. In addition, several of the Catholic nuns in the above photograph pray, like Saint Matthew Churches, several times every day that each prayer contained in every prayer letter will be answered. The nuns have the names of each person who has asked Saint Matthew Churches to agree with them in prayer through the prayer letter. St Matthew Churches has not only the names but also the prayer requests included in the prayer letters.

The prayer letters sent to St Matthew Churches contain prayer requests for many different things including family relationships, broken hearts, financial struggles and alcohol and drug addictions in addition to prayer letter requests for blessings and healings.

Saint Matthew Churches believes that God answers prayer and desires to continue changing the lives of people by raising them before the throne of God in prayer and through prayer letters.


Our Patient Merciful God
The Bible and the Gospel speak of God's great mercy for us ...

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