St Matthew’s Churches Explaining the Power of Seed Faith

Saint Matthew’s Churches teaches that the faith of a mustard seed can bring to you the love of God and move the mountain just as greatly as the faith which fills the biggest temple! Saint Matthew’s Churches and the Cathedral of Saint Matthew refer to this as seed faith. Every living thing comes from a planted seed - the food we eat comes from seeds planted during harvest and psychologists have recently shown that our lives are intimately related to our thoughts (the seed planted in our minds). St Matthew’s Churches believes one of the best ways to encourage seed faith growth in your life is by planting the Word of God in your mind and heart.

We at Saint Matthew’s Churches want you to learn more about seed faith. Seed faith is a principle established by God. In the Bible, Jesus is called " The Seed " (Genesis 3:15), the Word of God is referred to as " Seed " (Luke 8:11; 1 Peter 1:23); the growth of the believer is likened to a plant (John 15), and the evangelism of the world is called a harvest (Matthew 13:30).

Saint Matthew’s Churches knows that God expects believers to believe. The size of your seed faith is not as important as the trust you are placing in God. All faith, any faith is the right kind of seed faith. Even within St Matthew’s Churches, there are as many kinds of seed faith as there are people. You may have the seed faith that lays down its burdens willingly before the Father or the seed faith that does not yet have the courage to lay its burdens down. St Matthew’s Churches believes you should start where you are in your seed faith and believe God. For more about seed faith, click here.

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