Believer's Death Benefits

"Even when we allow our imaginations to run wild on the joys of heaven,
we find that our minds are incapable of conceiving what it will be like."

"For to me, to live is Christ and to die is gain." Philippians 1:21

A little girl was walking with her father in the country. No neon signs, no automobile headlights or street lamps marred the stillness of the crisp evening. As she looked into the deep blue velvet sky, studded with an array of diamonds which put the most dazzling Tiffany display to shame, she said, "Daddy, if the wrong side of heaven is so beautiful, what do you think the right side will be like?"

Someday all believers in Jesus Christ will see the "right side" of heaven.

When will we go to heaven? What will it be like? What will we experience there? Many of us ask those questions and search the Scriptures for the answers. While we are on earth; it is difficult to keep our eyes constantly fixed on the glory to come; we have God-given responsibilities to take care of right now. However, knowing the final destination should make our daily life more vigorous, our problems on earth less troublesome.

When the Apostle Paul said "to die is gain" he did not mean he wanted to escape his earthly existence. He prefaced it by saying, "For to me, to live is Christ," which is life in its most joyful form, relying upon Christ's love and guidance, strengthened by Him, and loving and being loved by Him. Paul could never be accused by the slur of being "so heavenly minded he was no earthly good."

A Christians' citizenship may be in heaven, but he has obligations as a citizen of earth. Both living with Christ and going to be with Him in death are greatly to be desired. 

Our Patient Merciful God
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