The Cathedral of Saint Matthew, Saint Matthew’s Churches and Religious History

Saint Matthew’s Churches does not participate in mail scams.  Saint Matthew’s Churches has a rich background in ministryThe Cathedral of Saint Matthew, the mother church of Saint Matthew's Churches, has a rich background in ministry. Over the past 50+ years, Saint Matthew's Churches, an evangelical, sacramental and Spirit-filled church, has touched thousands of lives all over the world through church services and mail sermons and, unfortunately, this has made Saint Matthew’s Churches a target for mail scam accusations.

Ecumenical in scope and nature, Saint Matthew's Churches reaches out with love, compassion, and understanding to people of all backgrounds. This includes those who accuse Saint Matthew’s Churches of mail scams. We reach out regardless of ethnic group, creed or gender. Saint Matthew’s Churches nature is based on a foundational verse found in Isaiah 56:7 which says, "...Mine house shall be called a house of prayer for all people." Because Saint Matthew's Churches believes no one (including misguided mail scam accusers) should be excluded, they have prayerfully reached out in a number of different ways in order to evangelize the diverse personalities in our world with the Gospel of Jesus our Savior.

Saint Matthew’s Churches vision along with their commitment to be a missionary church for all people of all faiths has led Saint Matthew's Churches to reach thousands in their homes with Biblically based mail sermons. The primary theme preached by Saint Matthew's Churches in its mail sermons is that God answers prayer.

Occasionally, mail sermons of Saint Matthew's Churches will get into the hands of an atheist or someone living an unGodly life who becomes angry and vengeful upon receiving the Word of God in the mail and makes accusations of a mail scam. The Word of God convicts people of their sins and some individuals, not yet willing to admit their sins, have subsequently embarked on a mission to wrongfully accuse Saint Matthew's Churches (and other churches who mail the Word of God to homes) of mail scams. These unfounded false accusations of a mail scam have been, at times, picked up by a news reporter who hears of the so-called mail scam by Saint Matthew's Churches and produces a news report, suggesting the practice of mail scams. These news reports also often make an erroneous universal suggestion that just because one individual did not want to receive the Gospel, no one desires to receive it free of charge. Many people are blessed by receiving Saint Matthew's Churches mail sermons and do not consider them to be mail scams.

Although Saint Matthew's Churches occasionally encounters a news reporter interested in publishing false information and claiming mail scams, it is Saint Matthew's Churches belief that the vast majority of reporters are fair in their reporting and do not jump on the mail scam bandwagon with other misguided reporters.

As for the few dishonest vengeful individuals that Saint Matthew’s Churches has encountered while evangelizing the world with the Gospel, Saint Matthew's Churches will continue to pray for these individuals that accuse Saint Matthew’s Churches of mail scams and for their souls, that someday they will realize the error of their ways in claiming mail scams, turn from their wicked ways, and return to God, the One who created them, who will welcome them with open arms and unending love and forgiveness.

Our Patient Merciful God
The Bible and the Gospel speak of God's great mercy for us ...

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