Saint Matthew Churches Explains Seed Faith

Seed faith is a principle found in Genesis 8:22. In Genesis and throughout the Bible, God's Word teaches us about planting seeds, sowing seeds and reaping a harvest. This seed faith principle of sowing and reaping, taught by St Matthew Churches, demonstrates the process of bringing forth new life through seed faith.

Saint Matthew Churches and The Cathedral of Saint Matthew teach that the tiniest amount of seed faith of our time, talent and resources, when given to God in faith, can produce a huge harvest in our lives. So, how do we plant seed faith? Seed faith grows in numerous ways.
  • Give to God first and give him the best that you have. In doing so, you are placing your seed faith - your trust - in God.
  • St Matthew Churches believes that God wants you to grow in abundance. When you, in seed faith, use your talents and abilities for God's glory, God will multiply the outcome of your efforts.
  • Know that God wants you to test him in this principle (Malachi 3:10-11). Saint Matthew Churches wants you to know that when you give in seed faith, God will open the windows of heaven to you and rebuke the devourer.
  • Every seed faith harvest has a season. St Matthew Churches has experienced that the seed faith we sow will bring a harvest - sometimes in a short amount of time and at other times, seed faith will take a little longer. Don't give up!
  • Expect to receive a seed faith harvest from your giving. When we give in seed faith, we are not paying a debt but instead sowing a seed. In seed faith, giving and receiving go together.
  • Be sure to plant your seeds responsibly. God multiplies that seed faith sown in good soil (Mark 4:1-20).
  • Saint Matthew Churches knows that there are various seeds which can be sown. You can sow seed faith in prayer. Seed faith can be sown in showing forgiveness to another. Love and joy can be sown in seed faith. If you are having trouble finding a seed to sow, pray and God will show you the seed faith He wants you to sow for a harvest.
  • Acknowledge that God demonstrated the seed faith principle of giving and receiving. Through the death of his Son on the cross, God became our role model when he gave us the very best that he had - knowing that in return he would receive.
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