How Do I Develop Deeper, Stronger Faith in God?

On St. Valentine's Day, a young man sent a heart-shaped carving to the girl he loved. In the center was a mirror with this message: "See what is in my heart." She looked and she saw herself. And she was assured that she had first place in his heart.

Day by day God is looking into your heart. If He sees Himself mirrored there, if He knows that He has a place in your heart, then He needs no spoken words of love. Just that reflection is all the spiritual understanding and the faith that He needs to make you very dear to Him!

So how we wish we could make you feel that God is indeed your Friend, that if you are troubled in soul you need not lose courage, for where the need is, there God is! How we wish we could make you feel that not only does God guide you, but He takes the journey with you!

We believe that in most of your moments you know and you feel this. And what a beautiful thing it is to feel that God is here - right where you are. He is beside you. He is beside the stove in the kitchen, in the front room, in the sick room, in the streets of your city, in your place of work. He touches every point of your life.

Isn't it wonderful that looking down upon you, He has said: "I, the Lord, do keep you; I will keep you night and day." What sweet comfort that should bring you. No evil can befall your roof. He has said it. So will it be!

See God everywhere and you will have deeper and deeper faith in Him. See Him in sunrise and sunset; in mountain brook and in mighty ocean, in storm cloud and rainbow. See Him in the face of the humblest wayside flower and in the face of your fellow man.

Have you ever tried spending a day with God? Shall we tell you how to do it? When you awaken in the morning, before you go forth decide to include Him an your plans!

As you go about your daily work, look up once in a while and let God know that you are giving a thought to Him. As daily cares and problems come up one by one, stop for a moment and say: "Is this the right thing to do, Father? Is this what Jesus would have done if He were in my place?

As hour glides by hour you will begin to feel God's love and guidance. You will feel your burdens lightened and you will be able to help others with their burdens. Yes, you will be able to help the weak ones onward and to raise up those who fall.

As the day nears its close your spirits may droop, you may become tired. It is then that temptation confronts you, it is then that prayer becomes hard. But still, where the need is, there God is, and He is still with you.

And, of course, before you go to your sleep you will feel God as the friend of the twilight hour. It is in the evening when you have laid your daily cares aside, when you have cleansed yourself physically and spiritually that you may touch the hem of God's garment of night. It is the time when you may feel that great robe sweeping over you - bringing rest to your tired eyes and refreshment to your tired soul.

It is then that the God of night reaches down from the dim unknown, keeping watch over you, His own, saying: "Fear not, my child. My hands hold thee fast and thou art wrapped in abiding love." That is the love of God for you - and that should be your love of God.

That is what a day with God means. And you would find it almost impossible to spend such a day without feeling deeper and deeper spiritual understanding, without knowing that God does indeed answer your prayer of faith.

And that marvelous revelation will come to you and make that day one of the crowning days of your life. How shall you know that love? Words cannot describe it, for you must experience it to understand. It is a feeling of wonderful spiritual warmth, a feeling of unearthly joy.

You may have been weary and heavy laden. You may have been burdened with care and sorrow. You may have thought your life full of misery and pain.

Yet, in some strange way, God can make your mind as peaceful as a fireside before which a little child lies sleeping. In some strange way, it happens!

It happens when you try spending a day with God as we have just suggested that you do - keeping Him in your thoughts from the moment you rise until you come to your evening hour of slumber.

Someone asked a wise man: "What is the love of God?"  And he answered: "Give me a day to think of the answer." When they came back, he said: "Give me a week to think of the answer." In a week they returned to him and he said: "Give me a month to think of the answer." Again they came and again he said: "Give me a year to think of the love of God." They went away and came back at the end of the year. And when they asked the wise man, "What is the love of God?" he answered, saying: "I am no nearer. I cannot exhaust the love of God!"

And neither can you. But it is this picture that you can have before you when you deeply ponder your need for deeper, stronger faith; it is this picture of God which is given to those who hunger and thirst for righteousness.

Prayer For Deeper, Stronger Faith in God

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